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Hi! I'm Todd.I'm a full-stack developer with 20 years of experience.I love building applications thatDO REAL WORKand sites thatTELL GREAT STORIES.
My current focus is Serverless Web Applications, specifically withReact (Next.js), Prisma, Planetscale, and Tailwind CSS.

About me

After graduating with a BFA degree from York University and a diploma from OIART, I pursued my interests in music and studio engineering. While doing this, I gained exposure to design work and web programming. This eventually evolved into a passion for building web sites and applications, as I grew in my understanding of how the technology worked.

Over the years, I have worked in various places, but am now running my own development consultancy, and enjoy life with my wife and four kids at our home in Markham, ON.

I still love music, and as a musician I am involved in a number of local bands.

My projects

Click To Learn LMS

I rebuilt the Online Leader platform in 2023 to run in React/Next.js with Prisma as the ORM. I also migrated the hosting platform from a monolithic single server infrastructure, to a distributed plan with app hosting on Vercel, MySQL with version control on Planetscale, and Object storage on Linode. It is a full-featured LMS with xAPI support, and integrates with a MongoDB-driven LRS on a Linux instance on Linode.

  • React
  • Next.js
  • Typescript
  • Planetscale (MySQL)
  • Tailwind
  • Prisma
  • Vercel
  • S3 Object Storage
  • Stripe
Project I worked on

Online Leader LMS

I worked on this project for eight years and added many features and integrations. It provided training courses to many clients, including City of Toronto, Markham, and the County of Brant.

  • Zapier
  • Vue.js
  • jQuery
  • Bootstrap
  • Entity Framework
  • Cloudflare
  • Stripe
Project I worked on

Parks & Rec Ontario HIGH FIVE National Database

I provided critical support services as the developer of record for this legacy web application for over 4 years. It is an important application that manages hundreds of thousands of users' certifcations and training records for the HIGHFIVE national program. It was a challenging platform to maintain due to the complexity of the code and the lack of documentation.

  • Stored Procedures
  • Table Adapters
  • Legacy
Project I worked on

George Brown College 'Choices' Career Course

I created and configured the Choices Careers course on George Brown College's Canvas LMS system. Each module in the course allowed students to save certain answers they entered, and at the end of the course create a dynamically generated Action Plan PDF that the student could keep. This feature was accomplished by adding custom Javascript calls to a purpose-built REST API I built on an external server which managed their Action Plan data. In addition, the generated pdfs were generated with fonts matching the design theme of the course content, as well as being screen-reader and AODA-compliant which was a challenging requirement.

  • Javscript
  • .NET
  • SQL
  • Apache FOP
  • PDF Generation
  • AODA Compliance
Project I worked on

Dottlers Automated Video Rendering System

I built this automated video rendering solution via Python and Blender3D on an AWS EC2 instance. It allowed automated rendering of the shoe model given any texture and colour combination.

  • AWS
  • Linux
  • Python
  • EC2
  • Automation
  • Bash
  • Blender3D
Project I worked on

Engine Control Systems Distributor Warranty Portal

I built and supported this web application for 6 years. It allowed ECS to bring their warranty management process online and provided great value to the company by greatly reducing their paper management within the warranty process t.

  • Table Adapters
  • Legacy
Project I worked on

Centreville Amusement Park Web Site (

I designed and built this web app and supported it for three years. It was the official marketing site for Centreville Amusement Park on Toronto Island. I also built a custom integration with the Moneris payment gateway to allow for online ticket sales, with print tickets that had dynamically generated barcodes that could be scanned at the ticket counter.

  • eCommerce
  • Moneris
  • Verified By VISA
  • Mastercard Secure
  • Legacy
Project I worked on

Cineplex Galaxy Theatres (

Created the final UI design of the site that was approved by Cineplex Marketing VP. Part of team to build out the web application, focussing mostly on front end layout. Later on, became the lead developer on the project, responsible for front and back end management of the site. Monitored nightly database feed updates, and contributed daily content updates, and feature additions for over three years.

  • Stored Procedures
  • Table Adapters
  • Legacy
Project I worked on


Music then Code...

After completing my BFA from York University, I pursued my passion for music and the recording arts, and completed a diploma program at the Ontario Institute of Audio Recording Technology. Following that I secured a position at a studio in Toronto, and worked on many album projects as an Audio Engineer, including a Juno Award winning album for Toronto Mass Choir.

During that position, the opportunity arose to contribute to an online eCommerce Music web site to sell albums (physical CD's) for the company. A more experienced developer built the initial version, while I worked on the front-end dev and became the site maintainer.

This was my first exposure to dynamic server pages, and I learned a lot about how PHP worked, including the raw page postback model. This added greatly to what I already knew about HTML and CSS.
Agency work in Toronto...

After leaving that job, I took some temporary work as an IT Technician, until I was able to secure a Front End Developer position at Zeppelin Communications. This was my first agency position, and was great experience for working with high end clients.

Cineplex LogoThe most important project I worked on there was as a Developer for the Cineplex Galaxy Theatres national web site. We managed this important site with a small internal team. Intially I managed the front-end work, and within 3 years, I was managing the whole site as a Full Stack Developer.

Cineplex LogoThis project was in the design phase when I joined Zeppelin Communications + Design. I was closely involved with the initial design, and then went on to build out the front end implementation of the website. Working with a Senior Web Developer who built the back end of the site, I was able to get up to speed on how ASP.NET worked and eventually became the sole maintainer of the site, both front and back end.

The time was great experience in learning how to work on an important site with millions of visitors. Downtime was unthinkable, and we worked hard to keep the site up and running at all times.

Tech Note - The MSSQL database ran jobs every night to pull updated Theatre Showtimes data from an aggregation company in the US. This was pulled into the database via an automated FTP transfer and execution of a DTO in MSSQL. This was automated, but required us to keep tabs on it in case of errors.
Founded Local Advertising Startup...

iShopLocally LogoWhen our first child was born, I made the decision to leave the agency and work closer to home. As part of that plan I launched a startup with a partner called Connect Media Solutions that focused on selling ads to local businesses in a custom printed flyer. My partner sold the ads, and I was responsible for the design and development of the website, and the management of the print production.

Launched Full Service Freelance Web Development Business...

In addition to the marketing company, I also launched Resonance Media + Design, in order to provide web design and development services to local businesses. I worked with many clients over the years, and built a number of web applications and sites for them. I also provided web hosting and management services.

Projects of Note: 

  • Elearnology Inc - Click To Learn LMS
    • Rebuilt entire Online Leader LMS as a serverless platform using Next.Js, Vercel, Planetscale (MySQL), with S3 object store on Linode.
    • Migrated user data from MSSQL database to MySQL database in Planetscale.
    • Migrated ORM model management from Entity Framework in .NET to Prisma in Next.js.
    • Priorities for the rebuild were:
      • Moving to a more modern stack
      • Improving performance
      • Moving from monolithic server hosting to separate specialist vendors for each domain (app, db, object store)
  • Elearnology Inc - Online Leader LMS
    • Designed and built a custom LMS (Learning Management System) for eLearnology where they could host their xAPI formatted eLearning courses for their many corporate clients.
    • Many clients were in the Recreation space (City of Markham, Newmarket, Toronto, Halton Hills). Built and managed system for 8+ years.
    • Built custom LMS sales eCommerce cart with Vue.js front end.
    • Added custom Zapier API integration to allow clients to sell courses with external platforms and add the new students to their courses in the LMS.
  • HIGH FIVE Page
    Parks & Recreation Ontario HIGH FIVE National Database
    • Provided development support for the national web application for HIGH FIVE Canada program for 4 years. This was a legacy .NET web application with an MSSQL database.
    • It was a very large application with many features and a complex database schema (1000+ stored procedures).
    • It managed training and certification records for hundreds of thousands of users across Canada with over 10 years of records.
    This project was very challenging as a developer, because it required balancing an understanding of the original (undocumented) application design, versus the way the staff understood and used the application in the present, against the need to make changes to the application to meet new requirements.
  • George Brown College
    Choices Career Course
    George Brown Course Page
    George Brown Course Page
    George Brown Course Page
    George Brown Course Page
    • Built and configured course and course modules on George Brown's Canvas LMS, including custom theme changes via CSS and Javascript override files.
    • Added custom Javascript functionality to Storyline360 eLearning modules in order to send students' answer data to the API endpoint on eLearnology's external server.
    • Created a custom API endpoint on external server for automatic generation of a Student Action Plan PDF of Course results. Generation of the PDF required AODA-compliance Accesibility for screen-readers as well as custom fonts to match the Course branding.
    In order to deliver the PDF Action Plan requirements, I had to integrate the Apache FOP Design library into the application. This gave us the flexiblity to deliver an accessible PDF along with the graphic design requirements.
  • Engine Control Systems Distributor Warranty Portal
    • ECS was a manufacturer of specialized emission-reducing exhaust products for industrial vehicles.
    • Built web application to all ECS to streamline the management of their North American Distributor Warranty programs.
  • Dottlers Custom Shoes - Automated Video Rendering System on AWS
    • Goal of startup was to create a system to create a high top shoe that was printed with a custom design. The design would be submitted by various artists around the world. The design that had a minimum level of pre-orders would be manufactured.
    • The client had a requirement to be able to generate turntable animations of the shoe with various design patterns.
    • I created the Blender 3D template for the shoe model and render scene, and created custom Python scripts to ingest a JPG file with the design. Blender would then render out all the frames of the animation as PNG files and combine them into an MP4 video file.
    • This process was hosted on an AWS EC2 instance which I helped to set up.
  • Digilease Online Lease Management System
    • This web application allowed the customer to obtain and manage lease agreement information more easily from university/college students who were applying to lease properties. The app greatly streamlined their existing paper-based application process.
  • Centreville Page
    Centreville Amusement Park Website and eCommerce Ticketing System + Server Management
    • I created a new web site for Centreville Amusement Park, which required guest information and marketing details, as well as a fully functioning eCommerce Ticket Sales system.
    • I built the eCommerce system with an integration with Moneris as the payment processor. Integration with Verified By VISA and Mastercard Secure authentication was also completed.
    • Custom receipts with dynamically generated barcodes were created.
    • An admin tool for redeeming the tickets at the ticket booth on location was also created. Staff could scan the printed ticket barcode with a barcode scan wand.


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